Education - CLEaRS

CLEaRS (Computerized Learning, Evaluation and Remedial System) is a self-paced, self-correcting software that promotes effective content, context-sensitive instructions, and measurable performance. The research backed content is available to the students 24X7. They can choose get help thru several forms of assistance like Explanations, Clues, Theory, Tips, Diagrams, Videos and options to retest.


CLEaRS program will help you understand the concepts that you need additional help to understand the concepts. CLEaRS is designed to teach you like your 'personal tutor'. It is there 24x7 to provide remedial coaching to you. Prepare for your Science and Maths for both secondary and higher secondary board examinations with CLEaRS. All content for Science and Maths like tutorials, diagrams, videos, bank of multiple choice questions are just a mouse click away.


Credible software at an affordable price. Parents are able to provide this kind of customized tutoring to their kids at home and o. or school. Parents are able to afford a credible tutoring program without having to worry about schedules and travelling associated with traditional tutoring. Cohesive approach to monitor academic progress. Proven to identify children in need of remediation, and help build skills that help perform better in the classroom and on tests.


Teachers can setup and distribute tests to their students in CLEaRS. The built-in tracking in the system allows the teachers to quickly discover the individual problem ares and helps them to plan better based on the needs of their students. As communication is the key to all success, teachers can have meaningful and effective communication with students, schools and parents as they are in a better position to evaluate and measure student achievement.


CLEaRS helps institutes identify the stengths and weaknesses of the students. The institutes can then engage is early remediation and make a difference in the life of the student by putting them on the right track. The institutes help students realize their potential and help them achieve academic excellence. CLEaRs reduces faculty work load and the institutes can start tracking student performance and learning objectives without requiring IT infrastructure.