IT Consulting

Softek helps our clients achieve growth by not only providing them with services for new solutions but also providing the much need help and relief for exisitng systems. We provide:

  • Better Decision-Making
  • Better ROI
  • Better Performance

Our clients save time and money when they use our tools that are built on industry standards. We remove redundancies and built IT strategy aligned with business goals. We leverage exisitng templates and tools and build enterprise solutions that helps our clients make informed decisions.

Project Management

We offer Program and Project Management services thus helping our clients manage their business while we take care of their IT solutions. We provide realistic time frame estimation of project analysis, design, development and deployment. We provide Software Development Life cycle strategies to our clients before the start of the project.

System Analysis

We offer System Analysis services where we study how the current system works and identify a better course of action. We do feasibility study, cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit and cost-risk analysi and present the findings so that the decision maker can make an informed choice from amongst the alternatives.

System Design

We offer System design services to our clients who require architecture design advice for designing new systems or scaling existing ones. Our technical experts closely work with the client to collect data and identify system inefficiencies and suggest remediations to improve the system overall performance.

Our Portfolio