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Soft*Re Ceded Reinsurance Management System

Soft*Re is a Ceded Reinsurance Management solution that supports the Reinsurance process for general insurance (P&C) and professional reinsurance carriers. Soft*Re handles the placement of subject premium and losses with reinsurers, plus the tracking of receivables and payables. Also, Soft*Re delivers accounting, management and regulatory reports. Soft*Re can integrate with existing policy and claim administration systems.

Features at a glance

Main Features

  • Setup complex treaty and facultative contract scenarios
  • Identification of primary system premium/losses from subject premium/losses
  • Quota Share, Excess of Loss and Surplus Share premium calculations
  • Premium interface for subject earned and unearned premium
  • Automatic premium and loss allocation, ceded recoverable and payable balances
  • Per risk, per occurrence, and aggregate loss calculations
  • Premium interface for subject premium, loss interface for payments and reservers
  • Management and Regulatory reporting information in real time
  • Multi-layered pro-rate inuring and non-inuring contracts

Treaty and Fac Premium Processing

Soft*Re identifies the primary system premium and loss amounts and then automatically generates cessions based on Treaty and Facultative attachment points. Treaty can be setup Quota Share, Surplus Share and Excess of Loss arrangements.

The treaties can be setup with limits, brokers, commissions, locations and other group related information. The ceded premium is calculated based on the reinsurance participants and their participation percentages and also the treaty can be setup net of fac. The treaties can be setup with multiple levels of complicated inuring arrangements.