Education - Witty Minds

Softek presents Wittyminds, an online tool that will host an educational tool which will provide the capability to orgranize and represent content graphically in the form of concept maps. The online tool will help students have access to content anytime, anywhere. The members of - all students and teachers, will have access to the library of concept maps and also will be able to generate and share concept maps that they create.

Features at a glance

Concept maps is a technique where complex ideas and paragraph structures can be easily represented by way of maps. The concept maps will consists of nodes for concepts and links to represent the relations between the concepts. It is a very effective method of promoting critical thinking and evaluating the students understanding of the subject matter.

The individuals mainly students who need to understand a particular concept will login to and build their own concept map. This concept map can be shared with the user group and can be published outside of the group as well. A user to the website will have access to the existing concept maps on and depending on the need of the individual they can also get tutoring help.

The system will provide concept map strategies, helpful hints and FAQs to help the individuals build effective concept maps. The individuals can use this platform to have meaningful discussions with like-minded users and can create their own user group or discussion group. will provide a different kind of communication between individuals in the world of concept maps. It will make it all that much easier to build, understand and share your very own concept map which can be enhanced further only to add more value to the concept map